Committed to Drones
the Future
Revolutionizing the GIS industry in Bharat EXPLORE MORE Advance Drone
Enabling methods for collecting data
in more systematic way & organized intervals.
UAV Pilots
Get known with industry insights from
some of the most experienced UAV
operators in the Aerialair.
We provides an effective drone mapping
system to capture and process photogrammetric
data for large sectors.
Committed to GIS, the Future
automation | safety Industrial inspection by drones is now a reality. EXPLORE MORE safety Aerial inspection is the safest & most economical way
to inspect various industrial components.
oil,gas & turbines Complex risky structures are best surveyed from the air
UAV applications are embraced worldwide.
cost effective Leveraging drones for industrial inspection saves money
& reduces the risks associated with traditional inspection systems.
Comprehensive | accurate Most accurate volumetric data analysis & reports EXPLORE MORE Volume calculations We can perform cut & fill quantity analysis based
on data driven from 3D models using
specialized software applications.
mapping Topographic mapping, contours generation &
digital terrain modeling for variety of engineering
projects in land development and planning.
accuracy We provide absolute accuracy level within
millimetres by including ground control points
within our work scope.
Waste management | analytics


High resolution imaging of the most inaccessible structures.

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GIS Data Processing to fit a client’s specific needs.

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Industrial-grade mapping with precision approach.

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Virtual Reality

Solution for a 360 Degree out-of-this-world brand experience.

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Aerialair is about Quality,
Dedication and Trust


We take great pride in our work and strive to exceed expectations in terms of the quality of our work.


Our highly qualified team of experts has the skills and experience to provide the best service possible to our clients.


Our Certified Pilots are trained to deliver a safe and well-prepared mission for all your projects.

Aerial Intelligence & Visualization

Every new year brings new challenges & changes, the area you mapped last summer might have changes in the terrain such as deforestation, swamps conversions and elevation disturbances. Our solutions will help you to keep a track over your land up-to-date.
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Our team has travelled to almost every state of India to carry out complex aerial survey missions. This experience allows us to organize quick management & decision making for any upcoming new projects.


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Through collaboration with our clients, our technology solutions has been very beneficial for geospatial world.
Mayur Panchal - CEO at Aerialair
We take precision surveying very seriously because in reality all the civil works are dependent over accurate data.
Vipin Kaloria - CTO at Aerialair
My team is always prepared for new survey challenges. It is like some new knowledge & experience waiting for us!
Ashwini Kumar - Survey Operations at Aerialair

What is aerial mapping and why is it important?

Compared to traditional methods of mapping, Aerial mapping is more convenient, faster, economical & accurate. Large areas of land can be mapped in matter of few hours with the data delivered within 24-48 hours with detailed 3D rendering.

What is the process?

Its Easy!

  • Contact us for booking survey dates.
  • Our team carries out data collection at site
  • Data is processed in our LAB in Mumbai & Delhi
  • Data Delivery!

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