Industrial DGPS Survey & Triangulation

Our expert DGPS team efficiently provide surveying solutions for engineering’s most complex environments

Static and RTK Solutions

Working with a variety of industries including Construction, Land Surveying, GIS, Archaeology, and many others we offer complete geospatial positioning solutions from lower spec hand held GNSS to Industrial GNSS/DGPS MM accuracy network solutions.
  • 1
    Site Visit & Reconnaissance

    Analyse and recce the area by our team.

  • 2
    DGPS Setup

    Setting up the GPS/GNSS system in either RTK or static mode.

  • 3
    Data Observation

    Collecting RTK,PPK or Static Data in Rinex standard format.

  • 4
    Post Processing

    Final Data Triangulation in our software for outputs.

Simplified Process

Get real-time grid co-ordinates & elevation levels rapidly.

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